Rico doesn't give up!


From Rico's Mom:

When I rescued Rico, my precious Chinese Hairless Crested, I promised to keep him healthy, happy and loved by his forever mama. Truth be told, Rico rescued me! He’s been my wellspring: teaching me to embrace all life has to offer and the power of unconditional love.
When I met Rico, he was “surviving” in his 3rd home at approximately 4 years old. Physically and emotionally, he was broken: his skin was scabbed and leathery; barely able to walk from being confined to a carry-crate for 6 months and his ribs protruded from a diet of “fast food scraps.” The missing tip from his right ear had healed but his crooked tail had no wag. Rico’s left eye was covered with a thick milky substance: his cornea had been pierced with an object and was badly infected. On the ride home, I told him he was safe now and that a tiny Mexican Hairless “sister,” Spunky was waiting to meet him! All he could muster were a few whimpers.

Fast forward seven years, Rico has made an almost complete recovery! He trots like a proud pony! His tail doesn’t wag, it whirls like the blades of a helicopter! Baths are followed by “zoomies:” 5 minutes of spastic jumping to and from the loveseat to couch. His favorite treats are bananas, peanut butter and carrots. Playtime is a joy to behold: Rico and Spunky engage in tug-of-war with their squeaky toys. At bedtime, Rico lies beside me, with his face pressed against my neck, lets out a sigh, and falls asleep. Spunky sleeps on top of him! As the song goes, “We Are Family!”

Although Rico’s cornea had healed, he recently began pawing at his eye. My veterinarian referred us to an Ophthalmologist and Rico was diagnosed with painful dry eye and entropion, an inward rolling eyelid. The initial therapy was to administer medicated drops 4 times/day to reduce inflammation of his tear ducts and kick-start the quality/quantity of tear production. The follow-up appointment was devastating…he was blind and there was no evidence of any tear duct function. The only way to relieve his pain and prevent further injury was to remove his eye… at an estimated cost of $2,500! My heart sank.

Being permanently disabled and living on a fixed income, I have been unable to save funds for my boy’s surgery. Spunky and Rico are my everything; they’re the children I never had. And now, I’m failing to keep my promise to keep him healthy and happy!

Please consider making a financial contribution towards relieving Rico’s pain and improving the quality of his life!
With deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks,

Mickie, Spunky and Rico!

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