Featured Pet: Dunkin
Please meet Dunkin! A loveable 8 year old pug in need of our help!

Surgery Needed: Cystotomy
(A.K.A. Bladder Stone Removal)

Prognosis: Excellent (as soon as funding is raised)
Surgery Date: Pending Funding

Surgery Estimate: $4,500 (seeking second opinion)

Silly and playful Dunkin is suffering from a potentially life-threatening bladder stone if left untreated.
Betty, Dunkin’s caring Mom, received him as a gift and became concerned when she began noticing blood in his urine. After testing was completed and a diagnosis determined an estimate was provided for life-saving surgery of $4,500…an overwhelming amount for a retiree budgeting needs on a fixed income. A second opinion is being sought at this time. In response to Dunkin’s need Betty began proactively pursuing funding and completing applications with grant organizations.

We greatly appreciate your financial contribution & prayers
toward this life-saving surgery for Dunkin!

Dunkin & Betty

Please make a cash donation in person at Lucky Dog Thrift Shop, 23 Elm Street, Nashua,
NH 03060 or online at www.tailstofreedom.org/p/support-us.html using a debit/credit card for a small fee.

Noodle - just can't get enough of Noodle!

April 2023

This is Noodle, he just turned one on March 2, 2023. This sweet boy is my shadow. Everywhere I go he goes. If I am cooking dinner he will sit next to me in the kitchen or when it is time for bed he will run up the stairs ahead of me to the bedroom. When he snuggles he has to be as close to my face as possible or laying across my neck. He doesn’t quite understand personal space, haha!

Unfortunately, he has been dealing with recurrent ear infections since birth which has been the result of a polyp in his right ear. This needs to be removed to see these infections resolve.  The cost of removal is $1200 and I am requesting your financial assistance and support to ease his pain and constant suffering.  Any financial support you can donate to Noodle would be greatly appreciated!  Donations can be made in shop via cash, credit card or check or on the Lucky Dog Thrift Shop website under “Donate”.

Thank you for reading, for your prayers & generous donations for Noodle and your support of Tails to Freedom,Inc. @ Lucky Dog Thrift Shop!  

-Noodle & Mom


Storm, the German Shepard


  From Storm's Family:  A week ago my brother and his family left their big, beautiful, German Shepherd, Storm, in my care as they prepared for a road trip. Unfortunately, the night they left the car slipped on the highway, spun out of control, and crashed into a guardrail totaling the car. Thankfully everyone inside was safe but it was a  huge financial blow.

A couple days later I noticed Storm beginning to chew the underside of her belly. She has had a history of allergies leading to skin rashes and infections, so I knew it was essential that she wear an Elizabethan collar until the itching stopped. Unfortunately, although the itching subsided, Storm got worse. Her belly was seeping puss, she became very lethargic, refusing to go outside, eat her food or drink water. She spent the day crying and in pain.

My brother was in a financial bind from the expenses related to the car accident and the trip and Storm needed help. I was stuck. The only options were to either take her to the emergency clinic and pay an exorbitant fee that neither my brother or I could afford, or wait over a week for the soonest vet appointment.  And that was time that Storm could not afford to lose.

Desperate, I reached out to Tails to Freedom, Inc. at Lucky Dog Thrift Shop and received a quick reply. I was able to take Storm to the clinic and get her the medicine she so desperately needed. She is now in recovery, back with her family, and feeling much better! I am eternally grateful for the help of the good people at Lucky Dog Thrift Shop and all their incredible supporters which made Storm’s recovery a reality.  Thank you!

Dozer is in surgery!

Poor Dozer!! Little guy was hit by a mail truck. He is heading into surgery this afternoon.Please pray for a successful surgery to repair his hip and leg !!!♥️🙏

Valentine's Day is around the corner


Remember Valentine's Day is coming!
Tails to Freedom, Inc. has been selected to receive $1 from every Bloomin' 4 Good bouquet sold during the month of February 2023 at:
77 Derry Road, Hudson NH

Paws-ing for the holidays

 Lucky Dog will paws for the holidays, starting 5PM on December, 23, 2022, and re-open Monday January 2, 2023!

Rico is on the mend!

Rico On The Mend… (from Rico's Mom!)

On October 19th, Rico underwent day surgery for the removal of his left eye at New England Veterinary Ophthalmology (NEVO). His procedure was performed without complication! During post-op recovery, Rico received a special dose of TLC from the medical staff:  the Veterinary Technicians thought his Mohawk was so cute, they took turns twirling his Mohawk hairs (atop his head)  as he slowly awakened. To keep his hairless body warm, they redressed him in his red flannel onesie and put matching baby socks on his feet to keep his paws toasty! After reviewing his extensive patient care instructions, Rico emerged: still groggy from sedation, looking like a prize fighter who took a few punches to one side of his face. In place of his left eye, Rico had a neatly sown incision, swollen and bruised.

For the first 72 hours, Rico had a tough time shaking off the effects of anesthesia. He whined, seemed confused and had an upset tummy. Except for a couple of nose bleeds and a little discharge from the incision, his recovery has progressed as expected. Cold compressing a few times daily continues to reduce the swelling. By the fourth day, his helicopter tail wagged at the smell of his antibiotics and pain medications, covered in peanut butter!  Rico’s been a real Trooper except for one thing…he hates his Halloween Hat, a.k.a. E-collar! After his recheck appointment on November 11th, I promised Rico he could wear his favorite hoodie!   

In closing, I am deeply grateful to YOU:  Lucky Dog Thrift Shop (LDTS) Customers, FB followers and Supporters of T2F, for your generous contributions towards Rico’s surgery expenses! Your collective prayers for his speedy recovery are working!!  Much appreciation to the staff/volunteers/heroes of LDTS for passionately sharing his story, for raising funds for his surgery, for providing the financial opportunity, moral support and conviction that my precious boy deserved a quality, pain-free life.

-With much love, Rico, Spunky and Mickie





Bear's surgery is scheduled

Bear Grrls Pre-op Update!

I initially reached out to Tails to Freedom, Inc./ Lucky Dog Thrift shop for assistance for my Huskidor, Bear Grrls, in May 2022.  I learned, just prior to meeting you all, that Bear has a small, likely cancerous, mammary mass which needs to be removed!  After fundraising and the generous donations of Tails to Freedom/Lucky Dog Thrift Shop supporters, together, we raised the funds necessary for Bear to have her surgery!  This Thursday, September 29th, she will be getting the surgery she needs to survive!   As we all know veterinarians are booking months out and this procedure has been a long time coming; we are grateful for your continued support, love & prayers.  

Thank you all!

Teague & Bear


Rico doesn't give up!


From Rico's Mom:

When I rescued Rico, my precious Chinese Hairless Crested, I promised to keep him healthy, happy and loved by his forever mama. Truth be told, Rico rescued me! He’s been my wellspring: teaching me to embrace all life has to offer and the power of unconditional love.
When I met Rico, he was “surviving” in his 3rd home at approximately 4 years old. Physically and emotionally, he was broken: his skin was scabbed and leathery; barely able to walk from being confined to a carry-crate for 6 months and his ribs protruded from a diet of “fast food scraps.” The missing tip from his right ear had healed but his crooked tail had no wag. Rico’s left eye was covered with a thick milky substance: his cornea had been pierced with an object and was badly infected. On the ride home, I told him he was safe now and that a tiny Mexican Hairless “sister,” Spunky was waiting to meet him! All he could muster were a few whimpers.

Fast forward seven years, Rico has made an almost complete recovery! He trots like a proud pony! His tail doesn’t wag, it whirls like the blades of a helicopter! Baths are followed by “zoomies:” 5 minutes of spastic jumping to and from the loveseat to couch. His favorite treats are bananas, peanut butter and carrots. Playtime is a joy to behold: Rico and Spunky engage in tug-of-war with their squeaky toys. At bedtime, Rico lies beside me, with his face pressed against my neck, lets out a sigh, and falls asleep. Spunky sleeps on top of him! As the song goes, “We Are Family!”

Although Rico’s cornea had healed, he recently began pawing at his eye. My veterinarian referred us to an Ophthalmologist and Rico was diagnosed with painful dry eye and entropion, an inward rolling eyelid. The initial therapy was to administer medicated drops 4 times/day to reduce inflammation of his tear ducts and kick-start the quality/quantity of tear production. The follow-up appointment was devastating…he was blind and there was no evidence of any tear duct function. The only way to relieve his pain and prevent further injury was to remove his eye… at an estimated cost of $2,500! My heart sank.

Being permanently disabled and living on a fixed income, I have been unable to save funds for my boy’s surgery. Spunky and Rico are my everything; they’re the children I never had. And now, I’m failing to keep my promise to keep him healthy and happy!

Please consider making a financial contribution towards relieving Rico’s pain and improving the quality of his life!
With deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks,

Mickie, Spunky and Rico!

To donate, use this link and put "Rico" under your dollar amount of donation! Thank you!

Bear's outlook is good!

Bear is my everything. My child, my best friend, my emotional wellness companion, a ‘service’ animal in ways (although not a registered service animal but she is for me)  She keeps me active, even when my aches & pains make me want to just lay around all day.  She is what keeps me going and gives me strength when I feel weak.  I am so truly blessed that I am hers, and she is mine.

Recently it was discovered that Bear had grown a small mammary mass. I was able to get pathology done on it, and the results came back as likely cancerous and warranting surgery to have the mass removed… it is small, and was caught early. So her outlook is good, and hopes are high! Bear’s Doctor has also recommended that she be spayed to help prevent any potential further growths from occurring.

Being on disability, I am not allowed (even if I could find a way to budget everything) to save up the estimated amount to afford her surgeries without losing health insurance for myself.  So far, the estimate(s) for her surgeries, etc. are potentially upwards of $2500.

She has been the epitome of good health (other than one mild ear infection years ago) so this has all been hitting me so hard.  I just want to give her everything, always; and want to make sure she can get the care and medical attention she needs while her illness is early and still ‘easily’ treatable.  She desperately deserves a happy, long, and healthy life—as many more years of love and spoiling as possible!

Please consider making a financial contribution today to lengthen Bear’s life!

Thank you!

-Teague & Bear    Summer 2022 

If you wish to help Bear, consider a donation here:  https://www.luckydogthriftshop.com/p/donations.html  You should enter "Bear" under the amount.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!