Want to volunteer from home?

Take on a “Project”?

Work in the shop?


Lucky Dog Thrift Shop relies on its generous volunteers to move our mission forward to help animals in need; reduce environmental footprints by recycling items in various capacities and provide animal and environmental education.

Below are some of the many volunteer opportunities that may interest you. Please email us at info@luckydogthriftshop.com with your phone number.  We will call you to discuss them further.  We look forward to hearing from you.  You can download the list here, or scroll down.

On-site Opportunities

  • Individual to make photo copies
  • Organize/design office (files, daily items)
  • Organize/Design cash register/counter area (bags, daily items, cubbies)
  • Organize & design outback/sorting area (create system)
  • 12 year Anniversary Celebration May 2021 (Raffles, gift certificates, special sales, vegan food, dress up, balloons, signage etc.)
  • Honest and reliable: designers, cleaners, cashiers, electronic knowledgeable (must commit to one half or full day per week)
  • Greeters (inform customers about shop as they arrive)
  •  IT assistants (help with computer, printer, phone issues)
  •  Sales assistance/personal shoppers (upsell to customers in shop and support their shopping experience)

Off-site Opportunities

  •  Deliver donation boxes, business cards, flyers and brochures to various businesses
  • Various documents-edits/revisions
  •  Human resources expert
  •  Errand runners & rides to vet appointments, etc.
  • Volunteer coordinator (keep track of birthdays, etc…)
  • Artistic skills for signs and promotional material
  • Creative individual to reach out to businesses to ask if we may exchange or leave promotional material/display
  •  Contact local high schools and colleges for volunteers and interns
  •  Animal Advocates & Educators
  •  Hannaford books (create fundraising connection with NH Hannafords)
  •  NH Gaming/Games of Chance paperwork & fundraising connections
  •  Media recycling for profit (books, dvds, ect.)
  •  Exceptional writers (for grants/donations)
  • Individual to reach out to organizations for donations:  supermarkets/store giveaways for raffles or product need.
  •  Find Apparel Impact locations for donation bins
  •  Flea market representatives
  • Yard sale assistants
  • Restaurant fundraisers – call restaurant and arrange
  • Year-in review newsletter/anniversary
  •  Tabling events/tagging
  •  Exceptional phone skills:  reach out to animal owners we’ve helped for testimonials, volunteering and financial contributions
  • Special project bookkeeping skills
  •  Maintain NH veterinarian list and resources
  • Advertising
  • Promotional materials (videos, photos)


Take on a “project”

Special expertise needed


  • Design / build donation boxes
  • Fundraisers – initiate and manage
  •  Legal counsel/document revisions
  • Create brochure for Lucky Dog Thrift Shop and Tails To Freedom humane educational center
  • New toilet (find resources)(fun color)
  • New overhead lighting throughout store (find resources)
  • New flooring (find resources) faux Hardwood/
  • Berber carpet (upstairs and downstairs)
  • New updated cash register (find resources)
  • Window:  new plate glass $800
  • Interior painting (walls, ceiling etc.)