Bear's outlook is good!

Bear is my everything. My child, my best friend, my emotional wellness companion, a ‘service’ animal in ways (although not a registered service animal but she is for me)  She keeps me active, even when my aches & pains make me want to just lay around all day.  She is what keeps me going and gives me strength when I feel weak.  I am so truly blessed that I am hers, and she is mine.

Recently it was discovered that Bear had grown a small mammary mass. I was able to get pathology done on it, and the results came back as likely cancerous and warranting surgery to have the mass removed… it is small, and was caught early. So her outlook is good, and hopes are high! Bear’s Doctor has also recommended that she be spayed to help prevent any potential further growths from occurring.

Being on disability, I am not allowed (even if I could find a way to budget everything) to save up the estimated amount to afford her surgeries without losing health insurance for myself.  So far, the estimate(s) for her surgeries, etc. are potentially upwards of $2500.

She has been the epitome of good health (other than one mild ear infection years ago) so this has all been hitting me so hard.  I just want to give her everything, always; and want to make sure she can get the care and medical attention she needs while her illness is early and still ‘easily’ treatable.  She desperately deserves a happy, long, and healthy life—as many more years of love and spoiling as possible!

Please consider making a financial contribution today to lengthen Bear’s life!

Thank you!

-Teague & Bear    Summer 2022 

If you wish to help Bear, consider a donation here:  You should enter "Bear" under the amount.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!