About Us

Lucky Dog Thrift Shop 

is a bargain hunter's paradise. We offer a variety of  reasonably priced, high quality, donated, second-hand goods.

In today’s hectic world, We strives to be the kind of place where you can relax as you browse the variety of displays and items ranging from dining room furniture to high end clothing and art.

We are more than "just a shop. Every purchase provides the satisfaction of knowing your money is going to a worthwhile cause, helping animals in needs.

Lucky Dog Thrift Shop is the fundraising headquarters of Tails to Freedom, Inc.   We generate much-needed funds to promote positive social change, education about animal and environmental issues, assists families with spay/neuter costs, provide emergency veterinary assistance to local families and assists other charitable programs.

Contact us:  info@luckydogthriftshop.com

Tails to Freedom, Inc.

Tails to Freedom, Inc. (our parent company), founded in 2007, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the goal of providing financial assistance services and educating and informing neighbors and fellow citizens about the numerous animal and environmental issues that demand our attention and empathy.

 We invite individuals, organizations and businesses to join us in developing and implementing effective, goal-oriented solutions that will reduce animal and environmental exploitation.

More information, along with our Featured Pet, is available on our website at www.TailsToFreedom.org