Help us to help Lucy!

Update from Lucy's Mom:

Lucy from Auburn is doing great. Her healing has been speedy. She had her surgery last week

( Thanks to All of You) and her range of motion is already better!! She wants to run and play and enjoy the sunshine. ....and in time this will happen!

Lucy and her Mom are enjoying short walks and enjoying being outside while doing range of motion exercises. Mostly though, Lucy is enjoying life because she can now. Many, many thank yous to all of you generous people.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Lucy and Lucy's Mom

Lucy's Story:

I adopted a beautiful three-year-old yellow lab named Lucy. Lucy was surrendered due to her owner’s mental health condition. She was suffering from severe depression. It was an emergency request that I take her and I was happy to do so. The background that I was given was that she was purchased on a whim in a large pet store and came from a breeder arrested for animal cruelty.

She is affectionate, loving and a perfect addition to my family. Actually, Lucy’s love has been a blessing to me. She brings sunshine to my life.

One day while we were walking in the woods, I noticed that she was in pain and started to limp. I brought her to the vet. They diagnosed her with hip dysplasia. The treatment was an anti-inflammatory. The doctors said there was a 50/50 chance she could get better. I was optimistic. She is, of course, the love of my life

Six months later, I’m back at the vet with three and a half-year-old Lucy. I noticed that she was not progressing—almost getting worse. The vet gave her a thorough exam including an X-Ray. The new diagnosis, cranial cruciate rupture. An emergency surgery is required. The cost: $5000. My wallet: $1000 with no way to come up with additional resources.

A vet assistant suggested that I contact Tails for Freedom, Inc. at Lucky Dog Thrift Shop to see if they could help.

All we can do is the best we can to support these innocent animals.   If you can help with this unexpected surgery and donate you’ll be helping me and Lucy to give her a better quality of life and save Lucy and me from deep sadness and heartbreak.

Thank you from your neighbor in Auburn, New Hampshire!

                                                                           -Lucy's Mom

 If you would like to help Lucy, use this link, and put "Lucy" in the space right under the amount you enter.  We thank you, Lucy thanks you, and Lucy's Mom thanks you.