Kara's plea for help for Addie

"My sister Mallory and I adopted Addie 4 years ago from the NHSPCA. She is the first cat for both of us, and we love her to pieces. Addie is an elegant Tuxedo cat with soft, shiny fur.

On a Friday night, we noticed that she vomited 4 times in one day! Highly unusual for her.  We immediately brought her to the emergency vet clinic where we were told it was just a grooming issue, nothing serious. The vet suggested that we bring her back if the vomiting continued.

The following Sunday, Addie vomited bile. On top of that, she wasn’t eating, drinking or using the litter box. We were growing concerned, so brought her back to the vet. An X-ray was taken. The vet saw an anomaly but was not sure what it was. The vet suggested a sec on X-Ray and blood work to see if it could be her kidneys. The emergency vet clinic wanted to give her IV fluids and keep her overnight. Between the vet visits and blood work, we had spent over $1000 and could not afford the additional tests and treatments recommended by the vet. We were desperate to know what was going on with our beloved girl, but were between a rock and a hard place. We just did not have the funds to move forward! It’s the worst feeling in the world to have a loved one who needs your help, and you just can’t come through!

The vet’s office suggested that we contact Tails to Freedom to see if they could help with the bill. I think I was lucky that day. I called Tails to Freedom to discuss our vet emergency and funding needs. They spoke to our vet to better understand the situation, and then allowed the vet to move forward with Addie’s testing and treatment. My sister Mallary, Addie, and I, will be forever grateful for the help Tails for Freedom and the team at Lucky Dog Thrift shop provided to help save our best friend and roommate."

If you'd like to help us help Addie, please use this link and enter "Addie" right under the donation amount so we know where to apply!  Thanks so much for your support!