Update on Baby Archie

Update on Archie from the family:

Archie is SO energetic and amazing! Our family has just been loving on him! He’s irresistible! Thank you Lucky Dog Supporters for helping save his life!
If you can help with Archie's Care, please see the link below. We have also included a new photo and video in the comments!
Thoughts and prayers for baby Archie! And if you can help, we are so appreciative! From the family:
My dear friend Maria gifted my daughters Gracie, Clara and myself, our 9 week old Archie, a Morkie, on Wednesday March 10. She bought him from a breeder who sent him with a vaccine record and we had no reason to believe anything could possibly be wrong when he arrived.
The gift of Archie joining our home on Wednesday made us happier than words can describe. After a 
year of heartache (my partner Michael died in January after a brave battle with brain cancer and we lost a close family friend in August too), he brought my daughters and I much needed joy and we all smiled and laughed and felt a lightness and happiness that had been missing for quite some time.
On Friday, March 12, my daughters 13th birthday, Archie was not acting like himself and the mom in me knew to call the vet. He was diagnosed with parvovirus and sent immediately to the emergency veterinary hospital in Concord NH (CAVES). He is in the ICU at CAVES currently and still desperately sick and fighting for his life.

He has needed 24 hour care with an IV for fluids and medications and a tube for feeding since his arrival. As of today, Monday morning, there is reason for cautious optimism, but he will need to remain hospitalized with 24 hour care for several more days at a minimum and likely longer.
He has parvovirus due to negligence and dishonesty by the breeder who sent him to us sick and I am willing to do whatever I can to bring him back to health and bring him home to my daughters who truly should not have to suffer anymore loss right now.
I am so incredibly grateful to the shoppers and donators at Lucky Dog who make it possible for you to support pets like my Archie who are stricken with life threatening and overwhelmingly costly vet expenses. The cost is estimated at a total of $6,000. Between my GO Fund Me & savings, I was able to put down $3,000. I am incredibly grateful too for prayers and well wishes sent his way because I believe that the power of positive energy being sent to him absolutely gives him energy for his fight.

If you can support Archie, please use this link: https://www.tailstofreedom.org/p/support-us.html
After you have entered the amount, enter "Archie" under the dollar amount. Thank you so much for your help!