Featured Pet: Dunkin
Please meet Dunkin! A loveable 8 year old pug in need of our help!

Surgery Needed: Cystotomy
(A.K.A. Bladder Stone Removal)

Prognosis: Excellent (as soon as funding is raised)
Surgery Date: Pending Funding

Surgery Estimate: $4,500 (seeking second opinion)

Silly and playful Dunkin is suffering from a potentially life-threatening bladder stone if left untreated.
Betty, Dunkin’s caring Mom, received him as a gift and became concerned when she began noticing blood in his urine. After testing was completed and a diagnosis determined an estimate was provided for life-saving surgery of $4,500…an overwhelming amount for a retiree budgeting needs on a fixed income. A second opinion is being sought at this time. In response to Dunkin’s need Betty began proactively pursuing funding and completing applications with grant organizations.

We greatly appreciate your financial contribution & prayers
toward this life-saving surgery for Dunkin!

Dunkin & Betty

Please make a cash donation in person at Lucky Dog Thrift Shop, 23 Elm Street, Nashua,
NH 03060 or online at www.tailstofreedom.org/p/support-us.html using a debit/credit card for a small fee.