Storm, the German Shepard


  From Storm's Family:  A week ago my brother and his family left their big, beautiful, German Shepherd, Storm, in my care as they prepared for a road trip. Unfortunately, the night they left the car slipped on the highway, spun out of control, and crashed into a guardrail totaling the car. Thankfully everyone inside was safe but it was a  huge financial blow.

A couple days later I noticed Storm beginning to chew the underside of her belly. She has had a history of allergies leading to skin rashes and infections, so I knew it was essential that she wear an Elizabethan collar until the itching stopped. Unfortunately, although the itching subsided, Storm got worse. Her belly was seeping puss, she became very lethargic, refusing to go outside, eat her food or drink water. She spent the day crying and in pain.

My brother was in a financial bind from the expenses related to the car accident and the trip and Storm needed help. I was stuck. The only options were to either take her to the emergency clinic and pay an exorbitant fee that neither my brother or I could afford, or wait over a week for the soonest vet appointment.  And that was time that Storm could not afford to lose.

Desperate, I reached out to Tails to Freedom, Inc. at Lucky Dog Thrift Shop and received a quick reply. I was able to take Storm to the clinic and get her the medicine she so desperately needed. She is now in recovery, back with her family, and feeling much better! I am eternally grateful for the help of the good people at Lucky Dog Thrift Shop and all their incredible supporters which made Storm’s recovery a reality.  Thank you!