Rico is on the mend!

Rico On The Mend… (from Rico's Mom!)

On October 19th, Rico underwent day surgery for the removal of his left eye at New England Veterinary Ophthalmology (NEVO). His procedure was performed without complication! During post-op recovery, Rico received a special dose of TLC from the medical staff:  the Veterinary Technicians thought his Mohawk was so cute, they took turns twirling his Mohawk hairs (atop his head)  as he slowly awakened. To keep his hairless body warm, they redressed him in his red flannel onesie and put matching baby socks on his feet to keep his paws toasty! After reviewing his extensive patient care instructions, Rico emerged: still groggy from sedation, looking like a prize fighter who took a few punches to one side of his face. In place of his left eye, Rico had a neatly sown incision, swollen and bruised.

For the first 72 hours, Rico had a tough time shaking off the effects of anesthesia. He whined, seemed confused and had an upset tummy. Except for a couple of nose bleeds and a little discharge from the incision, his recovery has progressed as expected. Cold compressing a few times daily continues to reduce the swelling. By the fourth day, his helicopter tail wagged at the smell of his antibiotics and pain medications, covered in peanut butter!  Rico’s been a real Trooper except for one thing…he hates his Halloween Hat, a.k.a. E-collar! After his recheck appointment on November 11th, I promised Rico he could wear his favorite hoodie!   

In closing, I am deeply grateful to YOU:  Lucky Dog Thrift Shop (LDTS) Customers, FB followers and Supporters of T2F, for your generous contributions towards Rico’s surgery expenses! Your collective prayers for his speedy recovery are working!!  Much appreciation to the staff/volunteers/heroes of LDTS for passionately sharing his story, for raising funds for his surgery, for providing the financial opportunity, moral support and conviction that my precious boy deserved a quality, pain-free life.

-With much love, Rico, Spunky and Mickie