Update on Atticus

Atticus July 2022 Update

If you have not yet heard Atticus had surgery for his broken femoral head and everything went great!!  He is doing very well. We are doing PT twice a day and walking him on his little harness and leash, he loves it!! He brightens up and is so excited to go on his walks now!!

On a lighter note, Atticus was a little Houdini this morning, he managed to get out of his onesie. He’s got it back on now and he is doing fine. Although, not very happy with me!! Otherwise, he’s coming along!! The incision is almost fully healed. As long as the onesie is on he can’t scrape it with the cone!! That’s what he did the week before last and he opened it up then!! So I don’t trust him & I do not want that to happen again so I’m keeping a very close eye on him!!

He saw the Veterinarian for a post-op check last week and they’re very happy with his progress. They said that I could possibly take the cone and onesie off this coming Saturday. So, fingers
and paws crossed. 

I would especially like to thank all who have helped out with love, prayer and incredible financial assistance.  Every bit helped and I am forever grateful for all that was made possible for my little kangaroo!  He’s already getting up on some smaller climbs. No jumps yet, but we are hopeful that he will make a full recovery and be jumping up on high again!! That’s what he loves most!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


-Joann & Atticus