Kacy needs surgery pronto!


Hello, I'm Kacy!

Moe and many other kind, caring humans are very worried about me.
As you can see by my photos a large growth erupted from my eyelid. It is only attached by a very thin, growing piece of skin. Due to my condition there are things I miss doing like chasing funny squirrels up trees but I still get to go on long drives in our car. I really love going to the doggie park, but Moe is nervous something could tear the growth from my eye.

We have been pals since he adopted me 6 years ago. I was just a puppy when my mother and siblings were rescued. There are times in our world when it can be hard and sad but our loved ones, such as our animal friends, help brighten the dark times. I want to continue to spread joy and I really want to keep going on all the adventures Moe and I share, since I am in excellent health otherwise.

Unfortunately, the surgery is more than we can afford right now. The estimate for surgical repair is $2250. Moe and my friends are pursuing resources and fundraising but I am hoping you would you please help us make this awful thing on my eye go away? Then I could be "The Lucky Dog!" and go about having my doggie fun and making those who love me very, very happy.

If you can help Kacy, go to https://www.tailstofreedom.org/p/support-us.html and be sure and enter Kacy under the amount when you fill out the form.  thank you from the bottom of our hearts and paws!