In memory of Ms Sadie

Tails to Freedom, Inc. (T2F) @ Lucky Dog Thrift Shop (LDTS) was introduced to Ms.Sadie, a beloved, gray and white, domestic-medium-hair kitty, the summer of 2021.  Her owner, Naomi, reached out to T2F when Sadie began to exhibit concerning symptom sincluding crying, infrequent bowel movements and other changes in normal behavior.

 Naomi was deeply concerned about her precious Sadie and that she (Naomi) did not currently have funds to afford a veterinary appointment in full due to living on a fixed and very tight income.  T2F was concerned for Sadie’s well-being and comfort. After supporting Naomi through the T2F financial application and pursuing other financial resources, T2F was able to grant funds, paid directly to Sadie’s veterinarian, thanks to generous donors and shoppers..   

Unfortunately, not every story has a happy ending.  After X-rays and other critical care,Sadie, at just 8-years-old, was diagnosed with cancer.  The weeks following Sadie’s diagnosis were filled with uncertainty and heartbreak.  Sadie’s condition continued to deteriorate, and she was now struggling severely, not eating, not using the litter box and extremely lethargic.  As a result of this devastating diagnosis and poor prognosis, Naomi made the most humane and heart-wrenching decision possible and had her precious Sadie laid to rest.

Throughout this life-shattering experience, Naomi shared that Tails to Freedom, Inc. @Lucky Dog Thrift Shop stood by her side throughout the entire journey. Naomi further expressed that she felt great emotional support around losing her furry family member during this challenging time and even beyond.  Naomi said that Sadie will be greatly missed.

All of us at T2F wish Naomi and her family love and continued support during this difficult time.

If you would like to share a letter of encouragement with Naomi, please email us at; and, as always, if you would like to join us in continuing to achieve our mission, please visit  to make a donation so that we continue to help animals

Thank you for all that you do!