Emergency Surgery today for Phoebe

Please Help Phoebe!


From the owner:

Please help us help Phoebe, our beloved 11 month old German Shepherd pup!  Phoebe is currently my emotional support dog for my Complex PTSD and Trigeminal Neuralgia (aka Suicide Disease) that I was recently diagnosed with.  She is always by my side and bringing a HUGE pile of her toys with her whether I am showering, cooking or watching TV. I have also been working with her to be my official service dog after she is a year old so I can finally go out in public without needing another person with me to feel safe.  We have only had Phoebe in our care since February but she is so easy to love and has become an integral member of our family.

As expected for an 11 month old pup, Phoebe went into heat but after some time I became concerned because she continued to bleed for an extended period of time.  Worried for her wellbeing I reached out Tails to Freedom, Inc. (T2F) at Lucky Dog Thrift Shop for financial assistance, guidance and support.  With the help of T2F and all of their incredible supporters, and the guidance of a medical professional, Phoebe was seen at an emergency veterinary clinic to make sure that the bleeding was not something that could potentially take her from her family that adores her.  She was diagnosed with a severe UTI, prescribed antibiotics and we were highly encouraged by the emergency veterinarian for Phoebe to be seen by our family veterinarian to rule out Pyometra:  a life-threatening bacterial infection of the uterus requiring emergency surgery.  Today we learned, after our follow-up appointment, she does indeed have Pyometra and we are devastated. 

I come to you now asking for your help, for financial assistance and for prayers for Phoebe so that she may undergo emergency surgery to save her precious life.  This diagnosis comes with a hefty cost of an estimated $2800!  Due to my current medical condition I am unable to work at this time and our family does not have the funds necessary to save Phoebe’s life without you!  We have applied for CareCredit and ScratchPay, started a GoFundMe and raised over $500 so far but I still need your help!  This girl means the absolute world to not only me but my husband and our 3 daughters…who would be crushed without her.

Thank you for taking the time to read this & for your kind support.

 -Phoebe & Family

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