Update on Lucy from her Mom!

-Thank you! Lucy was able to get her surgery because of You!

Hello Folks:

I want to extend my gratitude to everyone who has played a part in Lucy getting another chance. The effort and perseverance of all the people who took an interest in Lucy’s well-being and those that provided her with Bilateral FHO surgery. I can’t even put into words how simply amazing this opportunity has been for Lucy and myself. Starting with all the guidance from the staff at the veterinarian's office for guiding me to Tails to Freedom, Inc. @ Lucky Dog Thrift Shop. The Director, employees and volunteers at Lucky Dog, who are so busy helping families, found time to help Lucy. There is a lot of uncertainty in today’s world, but I know first-hand that there is a lot of kindness out there in people’s hearts. This experience was proof of that. People really care. And people really do come together to help each other out. Sadness has been a part of so many lives for too long. The kindness shown to Lucy and myself will always be remembered.

In just days after major surgery on both hips she already stood up by herself several times. Her eyes are brighter. She has settled into a routine of medications, massages, slower bathroom trips, and lots and lots of rest. She has been given the chance to heal her body. She is already working hard at trying to convince me to give her treats that she can’t have (since she needs to keep her weight down), to give up ALL the room on the bed, and that just because she wants to is a good enough reason to go outside at 3 in the morning!. Her fine persuasive skills give me hope that her will to fight is strong, and she will be just fine! This would not be the outcome today if it was not for the compassion and generosity of you all. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lucy thanks you even more!

-Lucy’s Mom and of course, Lucy