Lucy needs our help again! - Urgent!


I am Lucy’s Mom.  We live in Auburn, NH and hope you have had Happy Holidays.  If you recall Lucy needed TTA knee surgery due to a torn CCL (ACL in humans) in her left knee.  It was with your generosity, love and kindness Lucy was able to get the surgery she needed six months ago! Thank you!

Today, Lucy is suffering on a daily basis.  She is in so much pain she is NOT able to walk.

We learned that when Lucy tore her CCL, it was due to her weak and frail hips not supporting her young, energetic, quick body.  Her knees just could not support her hips.   Her current situation is that in order for Lucy to not be in pain presented by her Hip Dysplasia, she will need a second surgery.  This is devastating news because she did so great for a month or two, but then she started to lose the light in her eyes.  One day, after taking our walk, she just stopped at the end of the driveway and looked at me to let me know, I don't want to walk anymore; it was heartbreaking.  She is doing the bunny hop when going up and down the stairs again.

We went back to the surgeon who repaired her CCL, and he has suggested that she have the Bilateral FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy).  If she does not get this surgery, he feels she will decline, and lose her ability to walk, and experience increased pain. This surgery will not give her two new hips, but it will certainly give her the ability to move more freely, with far less pain, and her ability to take her beloved walks again!

The past few weeks, she has been moving less.  She does not want to play.  Her eyes are sad.  This surgery will provide Lucy with the ability to thrive.  She has fought for a better wellbeing for herself and I am here to support her through every step. It saddens me every day that I am not in a position financially to just get Lucy the surgery she needs to begin enjoying life again; she currently is not walking and I know with surgery she could be.  Please help me to help Lucy regain strength and longevity, and to live the life a four and a half year old yellow lab should live!  Please help her stay with me and have the life that she will enjoy every day.  Please, if you have any ability to help my girl, it would be greatly appreciated.  I applied and was denied for Care Credit and Scratch Pay yet have raised $1,100 and I’m not stopping now!  Unfortunately, my list of resources and most animal organizations are out of funds at this time.  Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support!

Please kindly consider making a financial contribution today and help make it possible for Lucy to walk again.

-Lucy’s Mom

P.S. We need your support!  Please email with any leads, resources, or encouragement you may have!  If you wish to donate, please use this link.