Update on Bruno

Hi! My name is Sara. I have an 11 year old Chihuahua/bull terrier (half and half mix) named Bruno. He loves to hide under the covers and pop his head out to look at me. He is irresistible! He is very shy and hates having his picture taken, but I have snuck a few in for you to see. We take him camping and he loves snuggling in the sleeping bag with his Dad. He is always by our side.

A few months ago, we noticed that he wasn’t feeling well. We watched him thinking it could have been something bad he ate. Then, he started screaming non-stop and shivering. We
rushed him to the vet who looked at him and didn’t find anything wrong. We were confused. The crying did not stop. We took him into the emergency vet in Manchester. They did a blood test and diagnosed him with Lyme disease

Bruno has been on a treatment of antibiotics for 3 weeks. He kept throwing up the first week but he appears to be getting better. We can’t thank the people at Lucky Dog Thrift Shop enough for helping us out on this one.  I believe every animal has a soul. We need to do everything we can to help them.

Thank you to everyone at Lucky Dog Thrift Shop!

-Sara and Bruno