Help us to help Bear!

Bear is a 7-year-old Yorkie. Bear is usually very playful and happy. He loves to go on walks with his dad before and after work. Bear loves to follow his younger brother John around, especially when he has some food.  Recently, Bear jumped off a futon and hurt his leg. Bear tore his ACL and needs surgery. We were able to schedule it for August 17.  Bear is a little guy and handling the pain as best he can. The doctor prescribed pain meds which have been helpful. We wish we could get his surgery sooner. I hate to watch our little guy suffer.

Bear was my aunt Jill's and her husband’s dog. She got Bear after losing their first love Cinnamon. My aunt recently passed away after a huge fight with COPD. She went to heaven, but Bear stayed behind. Bear is all we have left of her. He was her best friend. They did everything together. He was even her protector.  Little Bear now lives with just his dad and brothers.  We were told that the surgery will cost $4500.  Our family has $2000 to put towards the bill but we need help with the rest. I don’t think it’s easy for any family to come up with $4500 for an unexpected expense these days.

Bear was seen at AMC in Nashua NH. We're asking friends, family, neighbors and beloved dog owners to help make this surgery happen before he suffers too much pain. The surgery was postponed due to our financial struggle. If anyone can help out Bear please donate or share this message. Thank you for caring.

This is from Bear's family.  We are working on raising the difference.  If you think you can help, please use this link.  We are very appreciative!

Update 8.21.21 Little Bear made it through!  Surgery was a success and he is home resting.  Thank you to all the supporters and shoppers who made this life enhancing surgery a possibility!  Photos coming soon!!