Jax has had his surgery!

Update on Jax's surgery from the family! Jax has a long but encouraging road ahead! By taking out loans, starting a GoFund Me, reaching out to friends & family and with the help from the Lucky Dog Thrift Shop and Tails to Freedom, Inc. supporters Jax was able to get his cataract surgery. He just came home! The Surgeon from Bulger Veterinary Hospital said it was a success! Jax is recovering yet in pain from the surgery. He also currently has an eye infection and pressure in one eye which is slowly dissipating. Please continue to pray for Jax! Thank you all! -Kelly & Jax 
Urgent update on Jax: Jax had his pre-surgery appointment yesterday and we learned we must act fast or the damage will be irreversible. His cataract surgery has been scheduled for Monday, March 22nd, 2021. Kelly is working diligently making phone calls and raising funds to help with the overall cost of the surgery for her beloved! We need just over $3000 to get his life transforming surgery. Please help however you are able and donate now to support Jax during his time of need! 
Please use this link: https://www.tailstofreedom.org/p/support-us.html After the amount you can enter "Jax" so we know where to apply the funds! Thank you so much for anything you can do! 
 Help Us, Help JAX! Here is the story from Jax's Mom! 
 Hi my name is Kelly. I live in North Hampton, NH. In October of 2019, I stepped into a pet shop and to be honest, I was a little lonely after my dog passed away a few years prior. I just wanted to remember what it felt like to have a best friend again. I walked in and saw a few Chihuahuas and a Boston Terrier, a cute two and a half month old that I later named Jax. I thought it was odd that Jax and the other dogs were shivering in their pen. I picked him up and felt the impulse to buy him right there. I would have bought all 3 dogs but one was all I could handle at the moment. I just couldn’t think that this little guy would have to spend one more minute in that creepy place. I was excited to give him a new home and for me to have a new friend. After the first day, I started to notice some problems. He wouldn’t eat. I thought it was just his initial nervousness. After trying literally every food out there, he would only eat a banana a day. He won't even take bacon or snacks. I believe he also can't smell. What dog doesn't eat bacon!! I notice on Jax’s neck from what seemingly appeared to be cuts from a shock collar. I immediately took him to the first veterinarian who told me Jax was underweight for his age and tested positive for giardia and suffers from fibrosis in his paws. They prescribed medication but it did not help. It took several veterinarians to properly diagnose him. He is deaf and has cataracts stemming from birth. I was told he needed cataract surgery within the next year or he would be blind for life. The cost is $8,000! If that wasn’t bad enough, I lost my job due to Covid! I can come up with $1000 on my own for the surgery. I have $800 from a Go Fund Me page to put towards the surgery. I still need another $6200. I have already paid out thousands of dollars in veterinarian and medication bills trying to get Jax diagnosed. If I can at least get his eyes fixed, he can have some quality of life. I have a pre-surgery appointment scheduled on March 16th for blood work and to schedule a date for surgery. Hopefully by that date, I will have some idea financially if I can move forward to surgery. I’m lucky I met the team at Tails for Freedom @ Lucky Dog Thrift Shop. It’s a sign to me that Jax deserves a chance to be a happy dog for once in his life. He is sweet and gentle and gets more cuddly as time passes. He loves other dogs, walks on the beach and despite his issues he is still such a love bug. Without eyesight I could only imagine what will happen to his quality of life. I didn’t plan on this. I guess it was my spiritual assignment! I plan to donate to the Lucky Dog Thrift Shop to help out as soon as I can see my way through this situation. Jax is a kind, gentle soul and we thank you wholeheartedly for your support! -Kelly & Jax